Huawei y6 prepaid dual sim feature disabled without notice


I purchased an Optus Huawei Y6 prepaid phone from a large retailer expecting it to have the features advertised by Huawei. I specifically chose this model because it was in the price range I was looking for, had dual SIM standby and the mobile frequency bands I wanted.

When I went to install the SIM cards I discovered the second SIM tray slot was blocked. I called Optus tech support who assured me that the Y6 was definitely a dual SIM phone and that I should speak to the manufacturer Huawei about any issues. I was transferred to Huawei, whose representative told me that the prepaid Y6 was supplied to Optus specification with the 2nd SIM position disabled. I once again called Optus tech support who assured me with certainty that the phone was dual SIM, that the Huawei representative was mistaken and that I needed to return the phone to the retailer. I spoke to the retailer who confirmed that the Optus supplied phone was on fact a single-SIM version and that there was nothing wrong with the phone. I again spoke with Optus support who again insisted it was a dual SIM phone and transferred me to sales. Optus sales agreed the phone was supplied to Opus with the dual-SIM function disabled. I was transferred to Optus Customer Care, who insisted the phone was a dual SIM phone and if I wasn't happy with it to return it to the retailer.

All up, I've spent about 8 hours running around and on the phone, only  to be repeatedly given conflicting information and the the brush off by Optus telling me to demand a refund from the retailer. Needelss to say, I am very annoyed and believe I have a right to have the product that was offered by Optus with the features advertised by the manufacturer. I believe I have the right to be compensated for the time wasted to discover I had been repeatedly given false and misleding information.

Cany anyone shed some light on this situation and suggest a reasonable way forward?

Re: Huawei y6 prepaid dual sim feature disabled without notice


Did the retailer advertise it as dual sim?


The Huawei website for Aus mentions a Single and double sim version - each has its own model number.

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Re: Huawei y6 prepaid dual sim feature disabled without notice


Thanks for your response.

The retailer advertised an identical looking and named unlocked Huawei Y6 2018 as dual sim phone, I had no reason to think the Optus prepaid version would have different specifications. I also called Optus tech support to double check; they informed me  that the Optus branded Y6 was certainly a  dual sim phone.


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