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Honestly considering waiting to see if a carrier provides the Mate 20 X on plan then, as Mate 20 Pro is more expensive than I anticipated and I don't really care about a wireless charging pad or some old FreeBuds.


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Okay I managed to verify via Optus chat that you 100% will get the FreeBuds and wireless charger via redemption:


Arthur R (17:47:31 AEST) : We have  Huawei Mate20 Pro XXX GB, The plan cost you $85 for the plan that in includes $85 for the plan + $0 for the phone. In which you get XXX GB data . The total contract you will be paying $XXX Over 24 months.
Visitor (17:48:45 AEST) : Yes I know that. So you are XXX% certain if I pre-order a Mate 20 Pro from Optus I will be eligible to get a free wireless charger and wireless earphones via redemption?
Auto-Generated Message (17:50:46 AEST) : Sorry to keep you waiting, I'll be right back with you.
Arthur R (17:52:11 AEST) : Yes .
Arthur R (17:52:36 AEST) : claim FreeBuds and Wireless charger on
Arthur R (17:53:08 AEST) : You will have to log in and sign up so you will get the claim FreeBuds and Wireless charger.


I also verified that neither Optus or Vodafone will be selling the Mate 20 X at this stage. Looks like I'll be getting the Mate 20 Pro.


Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro


Why are you so special. Haha.

spoke to two different people from Optus who couldn’t help me at all today. 

Thanks mate. Still spewing were not getting the watch. I’ll be buying one anyway. 

Fingers crossed he airbuds they do send are the 2 and they’ve just made a mistake with the image.

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