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And yes I agree, it would be far easier to search through these threads for helpful information, if not for 'contributors' who have no actual knowledge or experience regarding the topic & clearly too much time on their hands. Take it elsewhere please ranters.

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device


I only go through Tech support for unlocking of mobiles & I done it in November but I have relocked it because I lost a mobile & Optus will lock it so it can't be used . 

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

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My Phone in question locked to Optus was Model ZTE  Fit Smart . Same problem for people with Oppo.


This looks like an incredible scam. I'm aware of 4G and 3G networks - Both Optus and Telstra show same bands

Optus charges $25 to unlock your phone and then just the Messaging and internet work. No phone IN or OUT.

I've seen a huge number of people complaining about this very thing as far back as 2016.

I hate being ripped off. Not only do I want my money back and I'll cancel every Optus phone and the Internet when that expires in June 2019. Optus will lose over $1,600 p.a.

I'm reporting this to the Telecomm Ombudsman and hopefully a legal firm will start a class action against optus.

Imagine 100,000 people at $25 = $2.5m ripped off

One person  who posted says spoke to ZTE direct and they said the ZTE Fit will not work on Telstra after being unlocked


Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device


I have 2 OPPO's & my F1s I unlocked for FREE through Technical Support on my Optus app coz you can't ring them anymore ( not happy about that ) . I done this in October or November 2018 . As for Telstra I asked & have only asked they want $85 to unlock their mobiles even after owning it for Six Months .  I relocked my F1s because I lost my new A73 OPPO after 2 Weeks & they couldn't have been more helpful . So I relocked my F1s to Optus & I still have my code to unlock it if I want . I unlocked a phone 11 years ago & went to Virgin & lost that phone & they could not lock it . So here I am back with Optus having call dropouts , Wi-Fi & my hot spot dropping out & telling people how to unlock their mobile for free not getting anything from Optus & will keep doing it for free & getting flack from other users . I DO NOT GET PAIED BY OPTUS IN ANYWAY 

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