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Retired Employee Andy
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How to unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

last edited 30/12/18*


Unlocking your Prepaid Mobile from the Optus Network 


  • We can only remove a network lock from devices sold by Optus directly
  • A fee may be applicable depending on how long your service has been active, (so have your credit card handy)
  • You need your IMEI (you can get this by entering *#06# on the keypad)


Before proceeding with a Network unlock request, especially if a charge will be incurred - always check to see whether the handset is supported on the gaining carriers Network.


Remember, coverage differs across the nation. Although the carrier may provider service over a specific 3G band, that network may not be operating in your location. Therefore, it's always a good idea to perform a coverage check with your new provider.


Most carriers will allow you to check if your device is supported on their Network. Always head to their coverage map and input your IMEI (if that options given).


checking IMEI.png

The option as it appears on our coverage map.


Certain Handsets within our Oppo and Optus ZTE range might not be supported on the gaining carriers 3G/4G voice Network.


Optus operates on the following Network frequencies: 


Optus 3G Bands:

900MHz (B8)

 2100 Mhz (B8) 


Optus 4G Bands










If you have an iPhone 4 or higher and you're already running iOS 7, then that's great news! Your iPhone is already unlocked from the Optus Network. If not, you can update your device to iOS 7.


Other Mobile Devices: 

Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, etc. 

 A fee is charged to unlock the device, but the amount depends on how long your service has been active with us. 


  • If connected for than 6 months a $80 fee applies
  • If your handset has been continuously active for more than 6 monthly a $25 fee will appy


What Next? 


Make sure you have your credit card handy and click on the Optus Mobile Device Unlock page to get the code. 



  1. After you've received the code, you'll need to switch the device off
  2. Insert a Non-Optus SIM into your handsets & restart your device
  3. Enter your network unlock code into the device or its companion/connection software on your computer.
  4. Switch your device off, then on again

Not working as expected?


If we're unable to generate an unlock code for you via the Network unlock form. We suggest contacting us on Live Chat. We'll be able to retrieve a Master Unlock code directly from the manufacture. Using an older device? Different rules apply for handsets purchased before the 03/09/12. Click here for more info.


As always, if there are any questions or concerns, drop a comment below 🙂 

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New Contributor Enana
New Contributor

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

I want to unlock my phone!!!! I call Optus, and the lady said go through to and follow the steps, which were: put my IMEI number, mobil number, Where did you purchase this mobile device, please enter your title, Please enter your first name, Please enter your last name, please enter your contact phone number. I did all the steps, and then I derive a page that says. "This is not a mobile device locked Optus prepaid mobile device Click here to return to the beginning" Please I need to unlock my phone ASAP !!! At what number should I call? anything else I can do? My cell is a Sansung GT-S5360 Any help or suggestions will be very well received.

RetiredModerator Dave

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

Hi Enana,


Can you confirm that this mobile was purchased directly through Optus or if it advises anywhere on the original packaging that it's locked to Optus?


Have you tried another network SIM in the phone at all?

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New Contributor ianwebb
New Contributor

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

Optus is not very good at unliocking phones i have had no end of problems  all we want is the service i never had a problem like this with vodafone i am still kicking my self for using optus


New Contributor Multiplication
New Contributor

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

I'm having a similar problem.


I'm suspecting that it's not even Optus' fault, more or less.

I purchased my phone directly from an Optus store, used up the small amount of free credit with the supplied SIM, then switched to TPG and ported my old number. When they ask for my mobile number, I enter this number. But of course it's not really an Optus phone number. When I look up the network on the phone, it says TPG, not Optus. But TPG don't have an unlocking facility; they're not a real network, they are a "virtual provider" or whatever the correct term is. So after the looong series of questions (including the capchas from hell; I failed about 4 of them in a row, and had to switch to audio versions), I got the dreaded error "This mobile device is not a locked Optus prepaid mobile device".

The other problem could be that I said it was in continuous use for 6 months or more. It was. But with TPG, not Optus. I'm still using the Optus network, still paying Optus for my access, just it goes through TPG because the big three don't offer competitive plans. So maybe they are thinking in effect I've only had a week of pure-Optus use of the phone, so I'm eligible to pay the $80 fee rather than the $25 fee. Bear in mind that I'm a low usage customer; many months my phone costs be one dollar. (Last November it was over $20, a big cost for me; I was stuck in hospital.) So $80 is ludicrous to me. Even $25 is a hell of a fee, but I'm prepared to pay that to try out the Vodafone 4G network. I have an LG Leon, 1 year old, which is 4G capable, but I've never had 4G (TPG didn't have it with their arrangement with Optus; maybe that's part of the reason they're switching to Vodafone).

Anyone know what the story is? I tried ringing Optus's 13 number for prepaid support, and eventually it gave me something about an offer at; this link redirected to a generic page; when I did a search it gave me a bad link. Soon after that, it played loud static into the phone. Sort of lke an electronic version of a raspberry. I was so impressed. I haven't tried again. It happens to be Saturday night, I think I'll have to wait till Monday for the privilege of talking to a human in India perhaps, after waiting for hours. Why can't all this be spelled out on the Optus web site?

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New Contributor Multiplication
New Contributor

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

Oops, I forgot to explain why I think it might not be Optus' fault, at least not directly. I suspect that the unlocking is a non Optus thing, handled for all the three carriers by some third party. The problem is that virtual carrier customers like me (e.g. TPG customers, there must be millions of us) don't fit the usual criteria, and so we "fall between the cracks". TPG says it's Optus' fault, and vice versa.

To be fair, TPG did say that a locked phone may not work, but it's more economical that way, Optus still get paid, and I'm sure I'm not the only customer in this situation.


I still think Optus should organise things so that customers like me don't end up in limbo.

New Contributor Multiplication
New Contributor

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

I finally got through to Optus support. I got the earful of static again, but I went to "Sales" and they were able to connect me to mobile technical support (eventually). They suggested I get a $1 Sim so the phone can be registered as being on the Optus network. I've done that, and repeatedly attempted to unlock it, and I still end up with this error:
"This mobile device is not a locked Optus prepaid mobile device".

I was very surprised to hear the tech say that mine was the first case like this. Surely there would have been many since last November when the migration started. I'm late to the party because I have been using the low volume TPG plan ($1/month), and for whatever reason, TPG chose to move us over last.


So this is it: Optus refuses to unlock the phone, because I have been a TPG customer once? I haven't topped up the Sim; the sim doesn't come with any credit. Is it the issue that I have to credit my account now?

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New Contributor kchapman
New Contributor

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

followed these steps and still can not unlock my phone from optus. Calling their technical line does not help either they just send me in circles and the same with the chat support. Any advice?

RetiredModerator Casey

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

Hey kchapman, 


Can you let me know at which step you're getting the error. Is it when trying to retrieve the unlock code on the website or when you try enter the unlock code in your phone? 


I understand you're using an Oppo F1 handset. Before you enter the unlock code, you'll need to; 


1. Switch your handset off and disconnect it from any power supply
2. Insert a Non-Optus SIM into your handset
3. Restart your handset
4. When prompted, enter your network unlock code into the handset (or it's companion/connection software on your computer).
5. Switch your handset off, then on again (or disconnect and reconnect it)


If you're unable to enter the unlock code, dismiss the notification advising that the phone is locked. Enter: *#789# - You will now be able to enter the unlock code.


If your issue is regarding retrieving the unlock code, I suggest contacting prepaid customer service on 1300555002.



New Contributor Rock1
New Contributor

Re: Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

Sorry, I am asking a question (not answering):

My prepaid Samsung Galaxy J1 is locked to Optus and it was bought from K-mart. When I requested an Optus shop to unlock it, there system said it is not locked. However, entering a sim of another provider says it's locked. I explained this to a technical person after calling Optus. She then said that she would generate a special code and send me in 5 days, but that has not happened. Can anyone suggest me what to do? I am using Optus prepaid for 7 years but using this set for 10 months. Any help would be highly appreciated.