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I recently received a bigger than usual bill due to somehow subscribing to a premium SMS service. That is now fixed.

However, when I try to prevent this happening again, I can't actually follow the help page's steps on turning down the slider to zero as there is no slider on my OptusZoo page. The Subrcriptions and Transcations are there and it shows my $200 limit but I can't change it to zero.

Any help much appreciated!

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This is the link to the help I mentioned above:
Optus "help"

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Hi @DeeDee!


If you're having trouble blocking premium sms/contents using My Account.

You can call Optus at 133937 so that they can assist you further.

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My apologies that this hasn't worked for you, @DeeDee. We can have a look into this on our end if you'd like. Could you please PM us with your service number, full name and DOB so that I can have a go for you?


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Lots of complaints here about people hit by scamming PSMS. A really bad look for optus in (a) not warning  people about this (b) not turning premium OFF as default (c) not making it easy for people to limit PSMS themselves. 

Lift your game optus ! 

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We've been looking into this and are working on it. For the time being, Premium Services can be blocked via My Account to prevent future charges. For more info on how to do this, check out this link. We can also help you dispute these charges if you speak to us here.

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