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How to improve your Optus mobile & mobile broadband at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in changes to our social lives, work arrangements and living situations. We're all learning to adjust, whether it's working-from-home, studying online, video/voice calling with loved ones, or simply trying to stay entertained.

We understand you’re counting on your Optus mobile & mobile broadband to stay online and in-touch. With more and more people on the Optus network, our teams are working hard to keep you connected whilst providing as much support as we can.

Below, we’ve included some tips to help keep your internet connection running smoothly as well as links to some handy support articles:


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Tip #1: Switch device off and back on

Just like a computer, it’s good to reboot your mobile and mobile broadband devices. Switching them off completely, wait for 30 seconds, turning then back on and then re-testing.

If you have an iPhone, you may also want to reset your network setting. This will to reboot your phone and delete any WiFi passwords that have been saved on your devise, but nothing else will be deleted.

To do this, go to - Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings


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Tip #2: Find the best spot for your modem

It’s important to place your modem in a central location in the house to get the best WiFi coverage available. The modem should also have plenty of free space around it, so avoid placing it in an enclosed space like a cupboard.

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Tip #3: Minimise connected devices

Having multiple devices connected to your home WiFi can result in slow internet performance. Check how many devices are connected to your WiFi with the Optus @Home app and disconnect any devices you are not using, or those which could use the mobile network instead.



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Tip #4: Use a cable when you can 

Check out our Device guides for instructions specific to your equipment to ensure all the settings are correct on your mobile and/or mobile broadband device.


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