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New Contributor Tired_Annoyed
New Contributor

How to get support to actually do something?



Has anyone actually had sucess in getitng support to be helpful at all? I mean it is approahing two weeks since I ordered and I have been sent the wrong phones after being given the run around, have spent no joke about 5 hours talking to support trying to ge them to understand that I want two SIMS and two Samsung Galaxy S+ 64 GB. And everytime I need to explain the whole thing from the start because apparently no one makes worthwhile ntoes and the chat and telephone people can't talk to each other.


Seriously what are you doing Optus? I am trying to give you my money.


Keen to hear some ways to actually get the damn phones and stop wasting my lunch breaks talking to support who need the problem explained to them every single time.

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Moderator Tris

Re: How to get support to actually do something?

I'm really sorry your experience has been so poor @Tired_Annoyed. The ordering process is normally quite easy and quick, it's frustrating to hear that's not the case here. The Sales Support team would be the best team to speak to for this type of enquiry, they're available on 1300300562 from 8am. 

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