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New Contributor Krowww
New Contributor

How to contact Customer Relations Group



I have recently stepped in to help a family member during a difficult time including financial hardship. I have complete authority to act on his behalf for his Optus account. Here is the issue at hand:


Based on severe hardship, we contacted the TIO ombudsman to request early cancellation of a service without fee on the proviso that we:


1. Return the handset in sound working order. 

2. Move the account from post paid to pre paid (stay an Optus customer)


The ombudsman contacted Optus Customer Relations Group who in turn contacted me. Optus approved the cancellation on above terms and said they would send out a pre addressed satchel to return the phone.


HOWEVER, in the follow up email where they summarised the case, I noticed that the address they sent the satchel to was incorrect. In fact it looked like a typo on their side as the address doesn’t even exist!!


I have tried for over 2 weeks now to get back in touch with the case manager. I have left her numerous voicemails and sent emails and have had no contact for going on 3 weeks. 


Can a moderator please help me get in touch with them as there is a timeline stipulated for when the phone must be returned in order for the cancellation fee to be waived. 


It it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to return the phone within that time frame if they do not send the satchel to the correct address, and obviously I cannot get in touch with them to fix their error. 


This is is incredibly frustrating and I am very much hoping someone here can assist or we will find ourselves at square one again and this has been months of work and planning to get to this stage. 


I have all the details including the case manager, account number, reference number and so on. 


Please let me know what I should do to get back in touch with the customer relations group. 

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Moderator Shauna

Re: How to contact Customer Relations Group

Hey @Krowww - Appreciate the detailed explanation.

If we haven't sent the satchel out & the time for the return lapses, this isn't on you, so we would more than likely agree to extend it as we haven't held up our part of the deal.

What I think has happened here, is either the address we've sent the satchel to is incorrect, the order is stuck in our system or our reps have failed to send one out. I apologise for that, I can appreciate you're trying to stick to the agreement here.


I can certainly assist with this, we may not need to refer you back to customer relations. Can you please send me a private message, with your account number, full name, DOB and confirmation that you're the account holder? We'll need this info prior to sending out a new satchel. 

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New Contributor Krowww
New Contributor

Re: How to contact Customer Relations Group

Hi @Shauna


thanks for the fast response. I’ve sent you a PM and hopefully you can assist in getting the case manager to call me ASAP as that would be the ideal solution here to keep things clean and within one team. 

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: How to contact Customer Relations Group

We've just replied back to your PM @Krowww


We'll chat with you there. 

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New Contributor Krowww
New Contributor

Re: How to contact Customer Relations Group

Thanks @Dan_C


I’ve responded there and will continue the discussion in that thread instead if here. Once we are all on the same page pending my recent question, I will mark as resolved on this thread. 

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