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New Contributor bajju
New Contributor

How to cancel contract ? - No signals , getting spammed



I have been with vodafone since 4 years of my stay in australia and then moved to OPTUS (God knows why) on FEB 2017.

I take the train to work from Parramatta to Wynyard and during my tenure with OPTUS I had no proper signals (3G / 4G) .Every time I want to open an app on my phone I see the loading screen (Apps being FB , insta) . Everything works fine when I am using my WIFI though so definately nothing wrong with my phone. 
Also I have been getting these unpaid bills calls from all over the place , they seem to site my account number with OPTUS correctly. I rang up the customer service regarding this and this seems to be not resolving at all. I still keep getting mails and calls from lawyers regarding this and this is very annoying .
The only solution seems to be getting out of OPTUS network but I seem to have more 4 months left on my contract.


Any help would be highly appreciated

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: How to cancel contract ? - No signals , getting spammed

Contact Optus and determine the status of your bill. Either phone or use LIVECHAT (24/7) 




Peter Gillespie

Moderator Marie

Re: How to cancel contract ? - No signals , getting spammed

Hey bajju,


Sorry to hear that this has been the experience you've had.


To confirm the issue you're experiencing with your Apps does this happen all the time or just on the train between the two stations?


The bills that you're receiving are they for the current active account? 


As Peter mentioned have you tried discussing this further with our Live Chat team?


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