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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

How many times does a problem phone need to be sent back before something gives?

  • 3-4 months ago the relatively new iPhone 5S we have on a plan gets the black screen of death
  • Take it to store and they somehow get it working briefly (and of course we take it home)
  • Within 72 hours same issue so back to store where they send it away
  • Replacement (we assume) phone arrives and lasts about 72 hours and so back to the store again. They send it away.
  • Phone arrives for us to pick up....... but...... you get the idea .... BOOM it's deja vu. Back to the store who now refused to deal with it (3 strikes is bad luck apparently) and we had to deal online/call OPTUS
  • Then we get the royal ring around (including directed through to the warehouse on a weekend when the warehouse is not even open because it is a weekend - that is Monty Python-like)
  • And.... wait for it, now we are waiting for a delivery bag to send it away for a 3rd time. Plus OPTUS staff don't seem to be able to see all the previous repair order numbers online under our details so they automatically start from scratch. WTH.

Meanwhile the inconvenience (had to use old phone) and trips to the store are really starting to grate.

Will this cycle of pain end?

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