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How long should I wait?


I've ordered $49 plan with Galaxy S8 last Thursday.

However, until now, I can check only the order number with 'initial' message.

So I tried to chat with some staffs on live chat, but they only said my credit check is in process.

On last Thursday, the counselor of Livechat said that I would receive a confirmation email on Friday, and on Friday, the counselor said that I would receive a confirmation email on Monday, and today the counselor said that it is  ongoing...

Is this really taking so long? I am wondering if this is a long time for my credit check, even though I am currently a member of Optus. I just want to add a new plan with a new phone into my account. Of course I need porting though in the process.

Anyway, anyone or any staffs to answer, please.


Re: How long should I wait?


They may not have a galaxy s8 in the colour you ordered lying around.

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Hi, It will be a lenghty process to check the credit score, before making any order so I would request you to wait for some more days to check whether the order is processed or not.

if your order is not processed, you will need to contact Optus live chat and check the what went wrong.



THank you .

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I've been waiting 36 hours for the number to port and they cut-off my old service mwhen they started porting .... so no number at the moment on new optus or old tesltra sim. Get lost of different stories including portage outgage fro 24-48 hours with Voda, but my port was from Telstra I have an incident number but al always told to wait when I ring about update, but not what actual action has been done by support team.

No emals, no updates and am kept in the dark.


No compensation for stuff up either eg 3 mths free carriage .... just verbal "sorry" which costs them nothing .... 



Re: How long should I wait?

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If it is, they should say about the phone. But they said about my credit.

The staff on Live chat said check will take 1 or 2 days.

One of my friends, he also ordered same plan and phone last Tuesday, and got it on last Friday.

In advertising in Optus homepage, Delivery will be in 1-3 business day.

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An address change on your account can confuse them.

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Oh... how did know you that? I’ve moved last month. So when I ordered it, I surely tell my new address to the staff.

in that sense, it can make a delay, you mean?

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It can make a delay if they send it to your old address and the couriers then put it in a pile marked "stuff".  I recently got a phone from ZTE sent by Australia post and it took 20 days to deliver. The best one was when someone sent BluRay discs via Couriers Please, and they took 50 days to send it back to the person who sent it.


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Hey guys @nsfish @SpamIsHamm,


I thought I'd jump in and see whether you'd like myself or one of our other mods to take a look?


Once the credit check has gone through, you'll receive an SMS with a confirmed order reference number.

The order number is 8 digits long and begins with a 5 or a 6. You might also receive a number ending in the letter A.


If you've received one of the above order reference number, you can track the order via → 


@SpamIsHamm, it sounds like the port itself has become stuck in our system. Were you given an IT reference number beginning with 1? You're welcome to send us a private message. We'll need your full name, DOB and the mobile number you're attempting to bring in. I'll try and get you an update.




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Re: How long should I wait?


Good Luck. I ordered an ipad last week. 6 days and hours on the phone later, I cancelled the order.

I spoke to 9 seprate people. 2 couldn't even find my oder despite being given an order number.

Twice  I was lied to and told the order had been shipped, I was hung  up on twice. I spent HOURS on hold ( avergae wait time for a call was about 30 minutes).

Plus I am an existing OPTUS Customer ( but not for much longer!!)

. It's not worth the effort. I have a day off today so I'm off into town to the Telstra shop.

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