How do i turn off voicemail




how do i turn off my voicemail? Thanks! 

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call this number (GSM code) ##002#

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I dialed that number and it says error.. am i missing something?

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Hey Gabo! You can turn off voicemail on your Optus mobile the following ways: 

  1. From your Mobile, dial 1509 (free call)

  2. Select the 'voicemail' option

  3. Choose the 'deactivate' option

Or if you're using a Postpaid mobile service.

  1. Use the Optus SMS Menu, by texting the number 8 (eight) to 9999

  2. Reply with the number 1 (one)

  3. Follow the remaining prompts

For more info on Optus voicemail, please see our page here

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Re: How do i turn off voicemail


THE MENU AT 9999  Doesn't have the remove voicemail option any longer as of june 2018

you need to create a profile at  you will need a valid email address to be set a confirm profile creation code,

once that is done, go to your dashboard, select "SETTINGS"  AND CLICK "VOICEMAIL SETUP"

here you can change it. as well as diverts, no answer, and phone in call and out of range options .


this goes for coles pre paid mobile alsovoicemail.jpg




Re: How do i turn off voicemail


calling the 1509 (freecall number) will return an Optus Menu link via text


in the optus menu as someone stated above  to type 8 to the text  number does not work any more

returns a "the key you entered is invalid" response,


in the optus menu there is nothing available to change Voicemail any longer

calling 321 and following prompts does not have the option either to deactivate or turn off Voicemail


texting or calling 1509 Voicemail on or off in contacts list no longer works either.


optus have changed the menu options

best go online and create register a profile

simplest and easiesr way, otherwise your just going to go around the world in frustration as all these help posts no longer work


go to create your profile online at 

select Create Register, fill in your details, get the confirm code sent to your email


enter it


then you will have created a profile,

on your dashboard select  "SETTINGS" on the right blue options wall

then VOICEMAIL - [setup]

then Change.


easiest way



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