Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?


this is terrible. It is the same as overcharging costumers i have checked my usage it says you have 10.mb left but get charged another $10.The bill is ridiculous

Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?


Hi @TAZ1, really sorry for the inconvenience caused.  The data top ups is something that can't be stopped but we can certainly help managing your data. Optus usage alerts can take around 48 hours from the actual usage. This means your usage is updated in 48 hours from the actual time and once its updated the alerts are send. Please feel free to contact us  Here to discuss this further. 

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Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?

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"The top ups are basically a feature that reduces data shock and this is something that is inbuilt in the plans that can't be barred or removed."


Why can't they be barred or removed? This is the question that is being asked. Can an intelligent and useful answer be given on this topic? "They can't be barred or removed" is blantantly incorrect. Technically, this is so very easy to do. So are the Mods trying to say "We will not barr or remove the automatic charges"?

Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?


"Thanks for your input Harrry123 and sorry you feel this way. Definitely not robots here and the automatic data top ups have been received well by our customers as previously excess data has been much more expensive than it is these days with the introduction of our new offers"


Really, I cannot see one example of automatic data top ups being "well received by our customers". Anyone I have spoken to is appalled.



Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?



How could I monitor via Optus App when it is not a realtime and such a long delay which is leading to excessed your data.

Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?

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If your phone has widgets you can load rhe Optus widget & get the data used from there. Just hold one finger down in the middle of the screen in a blank area & the widgets index should appear, yhen scroll to the Optus widget, then press on it & place it on your homescreen wherever you like. Updating data used is can be done through the widget.

Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?


This is the most ridiculous money grabbing tactic i have ever seen. Sure if you have a plan that gives you say 15GB for $40 then i can kinda see the value not that that makes it ok for them to force it on you.


But i have a mobile broadband plan with 100GB of data for $70 and that's pooled with my brothers IPad that adds another 100GB for 70$ and my phone which adds no extra data but also used data. My mobile broadband is connected to my home network that supplies 3 desktop PC's 2 laptops, 3 phones, 2 ipads and a media center. Now how the hell do they expect me to reliably monitor all that? Sure i can monitor everything connected to the broadband modem but that still leaves 2 other devices that i have no control over.


So that's one massive problem i have now lets look at what happens when i go over my data allowance.
So i have already established that if i had say 15GB for $70 it wouldn't be too terrible because that works out to around $4.60 per Gig meaning your paying a little over double for going over the limit. Understandable. Now lets look at what i pay.
i pay a total of $140 for 200GB of data which works out to 70cents per Gig... That means i pay 14 times more per Gig when i go over my limit!!! Or to put it another way if i go over my limit by say 10% my bill goes up by 100%!!! That is f***ing ridiculous no matter how you look at it! And i cant wait to hear how the moderators explain that paying 14 times more for extra data is "good value" Go on them mods explain away! This should be good.


And don't even get me started on the monitoring... for one thing even the "up to 48 hours delay" is complete crap (its longer) but they cant even be consistent between their different monitoring services. According to their web interface i am currently over by 3GB but according to their SMS alerts i have already paid for an extra 5!


4 days ago i was around 4GB from my limit. (according to the web interface) At that time we stopped using internet on everything but the broadband modem and i reset the data counter on the modem so i could monitor exactly how much data we used after that point. So far we have used a little over 4GB which would put us over our limit by 1GB The thing is after 3 days we hadn't even hit the limit according to the web interface until today where we are apparently over by 5GB. that's at least a 3 day delay and as the web interface does not even reflect what i have been told via SMS yet its probably even more than that.


Now this brings me to the last annoying thing i have to deal with. My internet was supposed to reset at 12am today which was 4 hours ago. But according to the web interface it has not reset yet. Theoretically that's just because of the delay on the web interface but based on comments from other users you can bet that if i was to go use 10GB of data rite now i would get charged another $100 for it.


Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?


Why does optus allow it. It is a money grab it is unreasonable as you can see we don't want it. Your updates are delayed which I would guess is deliberate I'm assuming the ombudsmen will feel the same. Remove this feature and don't talk garbage in trying to justify it. No one here is buying your reason for having it. 


Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?


So you say we as customers have the choice to use different data teirs. LIAR. You removed our choice by forcing us to purchase without us wanting a extra gig and preventing us from choose g to turn this feature off.

Re: How do I disable the automatic 1GB $10 data add on?


This happened to me yesterday as well, all because shocking Optus cable internet speed after 6PM. Was impossible to play online games on PS4, so tethered to my phone. Stupid me, forgot to disconnect after finished playing and PS4 started downloading game in the background.


One our later when it was finished downloading I got like 10 sms in one hit, all warning me about data usage and extra charges, of course it was too late! So now Optus wants extra $130!


My normal usage every month is 200-300MB out of 7GB limit. Absolutely shocking tactics by Optus, if I knew this auto top up existed would never tethered to PS4.


Thinking of canceling my contract as well.

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