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How To Get Alcatel Sleek X Network Unlock Pin?

I bought an Optus-branded Alcatel Sleek X smartphone from my local Coles supermarket when my main smartphone had to be sent for repairs. I went to the Optus website and followed the process to unlock the smartphone using the IMEI but the site came back with the following message: "An immediate unlock code in unavalaible at this time, we will contact you in 5 days".

Its been more than 5 days and I tried again today and still received the same message. How do I get the unlock PIN so that I can use the smartphone on another network?

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: How To Get Alcatel Sleek X Network Unlock Pin?


@Asyadiqin, that's odd :S It sounds it's been escalated to our IMEI back-office team. If an immediate unlock code isn't made available, we'll ask our admin team to generate a master unlock code. 


Can I get you to fill out the template below and send that back through via pm? We'll check if that's been actioned for you. 


Are you the primary account holder:

Your full name:

Account number or mobile number: 



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