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last night I received a text saying I had subscribed to something called hip tap. I have replied and opted out but it's saying my remaining subscription is forfeited. How do I stop this and block it? I don't know how I signed up to anything.... it's a bit random


Re: Hip tap subscription


These types of things are so easy to "subscribe" to it's ridiculous, you just need to take a look around on these forums to see other people who have been affected.


Your best bet is to set your premium SMS spend limit to $0. By default it's $100 but setting it to $0 means there's absolutely no chance this types of companies will be able to charge you for a service you don't actually want. To make the change I'd jump onto live chat and as a rep to do it -


Also, expect some extra charges on your next bill for this "subscription".

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Re: Hip tap subscription


This is Mia Sphere Hip Tap, they are a fraudulent scam.  They have deducted $6-36  per week from me  for last 5 weeks.  I have contacted Optus to no avail, they keep saying they will get Mia Sphbere to ring me in 48 hours, that was 8 days ago, so far no call!  Optus say they cannot credit these charges even though they are fraudulent, so I have contacted The Telephone Ombudsman, apparently this has been affecting Optus Customers since 2015!!

Re: Hip tap subscription


Hey @Eos49, understand your frustration Smiley Sad I apologise that you haven't heard from the content provider.

It sounds like we disputed the charges with them directly, however I'm unsure as to why you've not been contacted by them yet Smiley Sad

Happy to take a look if you can PM me with your mobile number, full name and DOB. 

Re: Hip tap subscription


"I apologise that you haven't heard from the content provider."


I'm bemused why Optus policy is to offer these scammers a shred of respect. 


I get that Premium SMS has a legitimate use but when a duck that looks like a duck and sounds like a duck just scams customers Optus just soft foots around. Its like a Milkbar owner steals your wallet. But hey he's a Milkbar owner. They deserve our respect. 


Optus, set every customer Premium SMS limit to $0. 98% of your customers have no use for it and its only purpose is to scam them . At what point do you become complicet in a crime?


Peter Gillespie

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