Hip fun Scam


I am really really upset with you guys Optus. I have been a loyalty member and I just can't believe this. How Can I get charged with something that I didn't even give any authority to? WTH is Hip Fun? Why is this even happening? Have you done anything to protect your customers?


And apprently the problem can't be fixed in the store, I had to wait over the phone to be able to block all the premium services.

Fix this Optus...I want my money back.


You are such a big company, come on???????

Re: Hip fun Scam


You are not alone.


I had money stolen by some crooks called "Winneroo".


It's all over the message boards, apparently some big wig at Optus thought its should-be-valued customers wouldn't mind having money stolen from them.


I've been fighting for 2 weeks and still getting the run-around. The bill is still unpaid.


I have heard of other people who have successfully gotten their stolen money returned - keep fighting, there are many fighting with you.

Re: Hip fun Scam


Thank you for our message. I will fight until I get my refund back or I will lodge a formal complanint to consumer affair for sure. It is Optus job to protect from thier customers and also make it more easy for cutomers to block those premium services. 


Thank you again!


Re: Hip fun Scam


Hey @NadiaNg, direct carrier billing is a legitimate way that third parties are able to easily bill users for services. There should be a process where you've agreed to terms and conditions before any charges occur, where this hasn't happened, we're able to raise a dispute with the service provider to discuss reversing the charges, do you know if this has been raised yet? If you would like us to check for you, please send through your mobile number, full name and DOB for privacy via PM here. More information on Premium SMS can be found here → 

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