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New Contributor dannyboydownund
New Contributor

Help - Can Not Check PrePaid Usage on New Optus 4G ZTE WiFi Modem

Hi - I purchased an Optus 4G ZTE WiFi Modem from KMart with an Optus prepaid SIM and I can not get my prepaid balance unless I remove the SIM from modem, insert into a mobile handset, and SMS the 9999 number - the other ways I have tried that Optus says should work do not work:


1) OPTION ONE:  connect to 4G WiFi Model with Windows 10 PC and type "" in browser - this takes me to the My Optus sign in page and when I sign in I only see my home broadband service - when I try to link my prepaid data service I receive an error message saying that I can not add this type of service to My Optus - I called Optus 2 weeks ago and they said they would link the prepaid mobile data service to My Optus account but it is still not linked and I am hesitant to call back because you have to wait on hold forever and the people I have been talking to have no idea.


2) OPTION TWO:  login to 4G WiFi Modem on browser and select SMS function so I can send text to 9999 number - when I try to do this I get pop up saying "Waiting" with 12 SMS messages shown in background and screen is locked until my modem login times out - so I can not access SMS messages or send SMS messages through the 4G WiFi Modem SMS feature - when I called Optus I asked if they could reset my SMS messages but they said they could not do this - see screen shot below:



Appreciate any help or advice!  


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Moderator Shauna

Re: Help - Can Not Check PrePaid Usage on New Optus 4G ZTE WiFi Modem

Hey @dannyboydownund - thanks for reaching out. My understanding is this info is only available via My Account. Can you please PM me with the account number, full name and DOB so we can take a look? 

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New Contributor GXHoll
New Contributor

Re: Help - Can Not Check PrePaid Usage on New Optus 4G ZTE WiFi Modem

So the answer to this OP's question is that you don't know a simple way to check data usage for prepaid mobile broadband?

Optus prepaid broadband really is poorly managed compared to others such as Aldi Mobile or Amaysim.

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