Held at StarTrack Location - Receiver's address not valid


I ordered the new iPhone 8 on 18 December, thinking that would be plenty of time for it to arrive before Christmas.  Apparently though, StarTrack can't understand a normal valid not special address that 100s of other organisations have been successful with.


On 20 December they had it in their system as Receiver's address not valid.  So after about 10 calls and probably about 2 hours of waiting on hold to either StarTrack and Optus before Christmas they said that I could pick it up from the Depot - but the authorising email seemed to never actually get sent or processed from Optus to StarTrack - so I gave up, thinking I'd get it after Boxing day.


Then I called both organisations again on 27 December at which they said that it would be delivered before the end of this week (but wouldn't now allow me to pick it up from the depot any more).  Today (29th) still no sign, so I called them again, only to find out that it had been returned to Optus without even attempting delivery.  And now I'm on hold to Optus for another 30 minutes trying to get them to sort it out.


Through this time, Optus are still billing me for the phone that I don't have.


This is the worst customer experience with any retailer or service provider I've had in the last 5 years - I'm definitely giving you an NPS of zero Optus.  I've been on prepaid for the last few years with Optus and it's been great, I was thinking of moving some of the family's services across, but now I don't think I will.

Re: Held at StarTrack Location - Receiver's address not valid


Really sorry for the run-around that you've had with the order @aydh. Can I please confirm if you've since spoken to our Sales Support team to place a new order to get the phone sent to the correct address? If not, please send us a private message with your full name, Optus number and DOB. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Re: Held at StarTrack Location - Receiver's address not valid


Thanks.  I have spoken with a customer service rep and they have reordered the phone - will wait and see whether it arrives succesfully this week.  And will be in touch if I still have issues.


Re: Held at StarTrack Location - Receiver's address not valid


Hey mate i have had almost the same experience. Can you let me know if you have had your situation resolved? Turns out Optus kept processing my order with my name in the company name section which is what the actual error of "invalid delivery address" was. Its been nearly 6 weeks and it just happened again today.

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