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New Contributor

Having an issue verifying my e-mail address for Optus My Account



ive just gotten a new SIM only plan with Optus. I got my first bill which said I need to verify my email address in My Account. I clicked on My Account and tried to register my email but it was already registered from an old service I had many years ago.


The old account was closed completely so it shouldn’t still be registered. When I logged in with my old details, it worked fine. Problem is that it is now showing registration under my maiden name not my married name which I signed up with.


Can someone please help resolve this issue?



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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: New account issues

We’ve optimised your post to help users understand what the topic is about and your question to be answered more clearly by the Yes Crowd community.

That does sound inconvenient, do you only have the one e-mail address you can use? If the old account was closed not too long ago it may be a while before you're able to use the one you've been trying to verify. 

For further assistance if needed, please contact our Live Chat team.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now no longer part of Yes Crowd or Optus. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the forum during my time, especially the regulars! Cheers!
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