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New Contributor DG87
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Haven't received phone, cannot cancel order to place new order

I ordered a $44 promo plus plan with iPhone 6 on 05/05/2018. The consultant advised me that it was a 20 gig plan as per online. I subsequently discovered that this was an ONLINE ONLY plan and I had actually ordered the 10gig plan.


I rang back the same day (05/05/2018) and was told that to cancel the order, I had to phone the sales team on Monday after 9am.


I called Monday morning and was told that they can't cancel the order, as it is already being dispatched. I simply had to 'reject' the order and that the handset would make it's way back to Optus and then the order would be cancelled (enabling me to place a new online order).


No delivery person turned up on Tuesday and accordong to the online order tracking the "address was invalid" and the order was eventually returned to Sydney on 11/05/2018.


I have repeatedly been trying to confirm if the order has been cancelled, and keep being told "It will be cancelled in 48 hrs" and when I call back after 48 hours, the order is still always pending!


On top of this, I have also received a first online bill for this service included handset charge and delivery fee, despite never receiving it.


How can I possibly cancel the order and have the bill credited, so I can then proceed to make online order for 20gig plan prior to this offer expiring on 20/05/2018 ??

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Esteemed Contributor

Re: Haven't received phone, cannot cancel order to place new order

It really doesn't speak well of Optus backend systems does it. The parts all seem to work (eventually) but they're all not connected, so a simple request to cancel an order takes days of mucking around, not to mention stress. 


I would suggest placing the order for the new phone now. When the other phone eventually gets resolved then the amounts will be recredited to your account and you can just put them towards your next bill(s)


NB. I saw this offer recently which was a rare dip for Optus to go below $30 a month for decent data. Not sure if it might work for you buying the phone seperately? 

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