Haven't received confirmation order nor can I ask for one


So I orgered online a phone alongside a plan, mind you never been with optus before, I also had my number ported over from my previous provider. I understand that it would take some time to process/whatever. However, I made the order on the 7th of January, recieved my ref number and called them on 9th of January as per their email request. I spoke to two very nice ladies who sorted out my online order and processed everything for me, the second lady said it would be delivered within 1-5 working days. All was well, however I have never since recieved a confirmation order, nor has my order arrived yet. If there is for whatever a reason why it is taking so long then fine, but for why I STILL haven't recieved a confirmation order/reciept/ANYTHING is quite baffeling to me, does optus usually do this? 

I did call again last week I think around monday/Tuesday, I wanted to ask why I haven't recieved a confirmation order/a number I could use to track my order with besides the temp. order number I currently have (which doesn't seem to work). I was then redirected to about SIX different people (?!), I stayed polite and calm while on the phone however, no sense in being rude. I still asked each person why I haven't recieved any confirmation email, instead of addressing the email/tracking number, they instead told me that the online order was proccessed and completed and then signed me off to another person when they got to the email part. The very last person I spoke to then told me the same as the rest except he added that they had no idea when my order would be delivered: "because it's huawei". Which of course I didn't understand but didn't question since I'm sure there's a reason why it hasn't been delivered yet. 

Since they continue to tell me my order is completed 100%, ALL I want is a confirmation email/reciept and a tracking number for my order. I sincerely don't want to ring them again as I'm afraid of this same situation occuring, please tell me what are my other options if there are any, OR has anyone had this happen to them before?

Re: Haven't received confirmation order nor can I ask for one


The optus delivery process can be pretty hit and miss IME. There seems to be a random amount of information sent on plan confirmation (Temp Order Number usually). But little in the way of what is occurring or what to expect. Consistently though no information is available between placing the order and getting the phone. Optus themselves don't appear to know where the phone is in the delivery process. An in stock item usually ships pretty much the next few days but if it has to be ordered in then again there's no real tracking of that delay made or conveyed. Optus appear to make the order and then forget about it until it arrives at the warehouse. Customers will generally get an SMS/Email saying the phone has left the Optus Warehouse and you will get it tomorrow (although that usually arrives 1-4 hours after you have actually taken delivery of the phone.


The short answer is that you're sort of just waiting for the phone to turn up (it usually does). Good news is plans and charges don't start until you first activate it. Mods can sometimes try look into the specifics of your order so if one pops in give them a PM with your details.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Haven't received confirmation order nor can I ask for one


It's good to know it at least won't charge till I activate it, thank you! Smiley Happy and yes let's hope a mod turns up haha. It does seem like they should really look into this whole "process" of theirs. People pay a lot of money for their services, not to mention they're in competition with other providers. I'll continue to wait patiently regardless.

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