Haven't received $50 gift card Optus promotion

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Optus had the promotion that if you bought a certain phone and activated and recharged the included sim card, you will recieve $50 gift card by SMS. 


I bought the phone, activated and recharged the sim card but I did not recieve the SMS code to to redeem the gift card. 

I called multiple times and went on live chat as well and each time I was told "We'll fix it now and contact you within 48hours" but they never got back to me. 


So frustrated about the quality of Optus customer service! 

First of all, if you're running a promotion, then do it right and don't lie. 

Secondly have some decent employees that can help the customer and not just lie about fixing something. I've researched and a lot of people didn't get the gift card as well. 


Re: Haven't received $50 gift card Optus promotion


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