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New Contributor BiancaDonald
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Has anyone else has an experience like this?

In 2014 i signed up with an optus contract, which, optus failed to tell me there was no service at my house, for approximately 2 years i continued to complain to Optus to have them tell me "the Tower looked fine" Whilst important work calls continued to drop out half way through and messages not coming through for days.
One day i snapped, in tears went into the Optus Store in Cessnock and explained to the Lady that i wanted to cancel my service as i was not receiving a service in return. 
The Lady responded with handing me a new phone asking me to take it home and "test it" as soon as i tried this phone, service straight away..Therefore, it was apparent it was a fault with the headset.
I headed back to Optus to let the Lady know, explaining that i need to cancel my plan due to university and needing to Study, the only option i was offered was to upgrade my plan to fix the current issue of the Phone.
I explained that is paramount that i need wifi to study so this isn't a good idea, i was then reassured that this plan had "ample" data to study and was recommended a data sharing device.
I signed the contract, it is now approx 2 years later and i have not been able to Study once at home due to fear of constantly going over my DATA :(.
I'm a University Student, who has had to miss online tests, exams, drive an hour of her way constantly to proceed with her Education, which was the paramount aspect of this plan!
I've reached out to Optus for help, who only recommended and extra 70gb, for 100 dollars extra a month, Mind you i already have to pay around $200.00 a Month, as a Student :(!
I've contacted the TIO and i've been dealing with a guy and he keeps stating that "Optus does not help out, nor refund, in situations like these".
Ive paid over $8000.00 dollars the last 4 years, and, it has never provided me with the service i need.
I feel used, stressed and it's exam period and i can't even study at home after work because there isnt enough data and all i do is minimal facebook/ music :(.
People what have you done, has this happened to you? Let me know
Kind Regards,
Used and Deceived Optus Customer


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Re: Has anyone else has an experience like this?

how much data allowance do you have? and how much is your plan?


i think you have mistaken the 70GB for 100$, but its they other way around its 70$ for 100GB of data that you can add to you mobile data allowance, which is very helpful if you use alot of data and download your online test, exam etc

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