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New Contributor caitarch
New Contributor


My name is Caitlin Archibald & I am an Optus customer. I signed up for NBN Optus in my home on the 2nd of May. It is now the 4th of June & I still have no internet. I have also been told it is going to be ANOTHER 2 WEEKS. This is an actual joke.

They apparently connected it to the wrong address. They had to reschedule due to technician unavailability. They can't connect the 'fibre to the curb'. To top it all off we have an emailed stating that our order wasn't even processed by OPTUS until 2 weeks after we signed up?

I have called Optus so many times to confirm that I have had to use my PERSONAL MOBILE DATA for work at home (Teacher) due to this issue. It has been confirmed by so many Optus representatives that I would be compensated for any excess data that I have gone over in this month. I have gone over $220 & I am now being told THAT I WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS. I have also been hung up on by many representatives who don't want to deal with my issue!

Inefficient, inconsistent & unprofessional company. I'm going to cancel my home internet, my mobile connection & go to the Ombudsman as I will not pay for the errors of Optus & NBN.


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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor


That all sounds pretty fair Caitlin.


No doubt some of it is beyond Optus direct control but obviously the ongoing saga has been horrible. If I had just one suggestion for Optus on how to improve its performance (and customer satisfaction) it would be to start assigning representatives to handle any case that takes more than two days to resolve. So often problems appear to be made much worse by conflicting information from so many different people.


At this stage, I agree its probably best to cancel the overall contract. The relevant ombudsman is the TIO but hopefully Optus should be able to let the sale pass.


Peter Gillespie


PS The only thing you mentioned that flagged something was unable to connect FTTC? There is no choice in what NBN technology anyone ends up with. The NBN Address checker will tell you what technology your house will get.

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Moderator Tris


Hi Caitlin, I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had with this. It sounds very frustrating. If you've raised this with the TIO, you'll be assigned a Case Manager who will make contact to discuss your concerns further. If you'd like to send me a PM with your details including any order numbers and your DOB, I can take a look into the connection status for you though. Regarding reimbursement for excess mobile data, normally this isn't something we'd do. We would only provide pro-rated adjustments where your being billed for a service you can't access due to a fault, which is in line with the TIO's guidelines. I'm sorry the you were provided with inconsistent information.

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