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Google maps to be allowed to use data free


Do you guys think it would be a good idea for Optus to allow Google maps to become Data free as I know i use google maps for a lot of GPS Driving as my job requires it.  Do you think that Optus should put this on the Data-Free plan so so that it makes it easier for those who do use Google maps or any map App on there phone to use it with out worrying about it chugging through there data


Re: Google maps to be allowed to use data free


Google maps uses relatively little data FWIW. The free data is likely offered by the company (e.g. Netflix) as its there to entice you to get used to using lots of their product. Most large companies know the value of 'educating' customers into wanting more ("Would you like a large fries upsize for another 20c?"). Change user behaviour, then start charging (I thing drug pushers use much the same methodology) Smiley Happy 


But I'm getting off track. Point is that unless google see some benefit in you using their maps more then its not likely to happen.


But for the good news, Google Maps has a very simple SAVE OFFLINE feature that stores all your map data on the phone itself. You can download them over wifi ahead of time. There's a setting so they'll update automatically anytime wifi is on. The maps include navigation data as well. As a test I stored all of Greater Melbourne & Port Phillip Bay (Gelong>Melbourne>French Island etc.) in well under 150Mb. Maps automatically expire after 3 months (if not referenced) and you can set them up for your main routes and Goggle will automatically switch back to MObile data on any long empty stretches between maps.






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Re: Google maps to be allowed to use data free


HI there 


Thanks for that. I will give that a go

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