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Getting spam messages from Optus(?)


For about the past week, I've been getting spam from numbers that apparently are connected to Optus but something has been feeling off about them. They've been about me receiving MMS messages and to click a link to look at them but the thing is, the link is "" at one time and "" at another, also the numbers are all different. I'm also starting to feel the way I'm checking for these numbers are fake sites that are made for these numbers too so I decided to ask on here about it. Are these sites legitimate or are they virus/scam sites? I thought about getting an application to block the messages but with the number changing all the time, it wouldn't exactly work.


Also in case anyone is curious, these are the numbers I've received from so far:

+61434117899, +61413847645, +61432345201, +61412432351, +61412389956


Re: Getting spam messages from Optus(?)


Those domains are registered in Amsterdam so I would just delete the messages. Most fraudsters change numbers or email addresses frequently so it is a bit difficult to block them however they will eventually go away.

Re: Getting spam messages from Optus(?)


Ah so it's like I thought, makes me wonder how they got my number though. I don't actually even use my phone that much or haven't given away my number to many websites. Thanks for your help and time!

Re: Getting spam messages from Optus(?)

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A lot of it I think is just random and hopefully they will move onto another scam and leave you alone. I would never click or follow a link in a sms or email no matter how genuine it looks. 

Re: Getting spam messages from Optus(?)


Exactly the same is happening to me daily up to three times on ocassion now for one month. I will list the blocked numbers however there is someove answering and each person I spoke too sounded Indian accent wise however had no idea why this was spamming from they're service. I was told Optus (I'm not Even an Optus user I'm with Amaysim)  report to Scam watch then AcCR- then told to forward texts to 0429 990 888. 

Nothing has been done, I've since been told I need to switch my mms off completely and or get a brand new number and I've had one of these numbers over 10 years. It's driven me nuts. 

URL : client -pc- Optus (alike to this and page mms links  to PC GAMER magazine front cover online). I don't open links, the phones calling (sending me these mms and I'm blocking are being called from live phones on other sides of the world  




+61 412 406 341

+61432 345 201



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