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Occasional Contributor BenP
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Getting out of a lease

I know i should of knew there was going to be some expensive trick to the lease deal, still as a customer of over 10 years, they want me to pay 1150 to keep the phone, or up to 400 to hand over and re-lease with Optus,


It's a con and i am vert dissapointed. I feel like paying out the phone just so i can move away from Optus.

Shame on you.

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Re: Getting out of a lease

Agree the leasing plan deals at Optus have been shameful. Read the recent post here for some general info. If its worth anything if you've been leasing for 10 + years you would have just broken even with the non lease payment (own the phone) option (i.e. you've saved around $1150 in payments over that time)


So the main question for you is do you want to keep the phone or hand it back. Either way I wouldn't do it early. Your current contract continues unchanged and when you get to 24 months there's no $400 penalty for finishing up early. You might find the buy the phone option has also dropped  below $1000 in that time.


As I suggested above, I tend to think the best financial option if you want to minimise the financial hit and are happy with the phone is  get a cheap SIM only plan for the next 12 months. But if you'd like to swap the phone then at the 24 month point of your current plan you're free and clear. Look around (and at Optus deals) and decide what phone plan to sign up for (try to avoid the 36 month plans.


Peter Gillespie

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