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Getting a refund from Optus for a Prepaid sim????

Good evening,


I arrived in Australia on Friday evening, walked straight to the Optus counter and brought a $10 sim card so i would have something to use for the 2 days i was in Brisbane. 

After 1 day of frustarting phone calls and live chats sim card still did not activate and eventually gave up as the customer service was just hopeless. Was told again to just wait the 15mins to 4hours. Restart your phone 1,000,000 times and hope it activates. Not sure why it is such a terrible system as Myanmar only got internet in 2014 and they manage to activate the sim card on the spot. 

Anyways i gave up and resorted to using roaming and thought i would just take it back to the airport branch and claim a refund. Apparently they don't do refunds there and in that time the sim card had actually finally activated, not that i used it. 

The Optus counter said there was nothing they can do but for me to get on my flight and try for a refund when i got home.

Now i am home i am trying to find out how to apply for a refund but this seems to be hard than first thought. Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

I certainly know when i next come to Australia i will never use Optus for anything. 

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