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Galaxy S9+ Speaker crackling


Has anyone found a similar issue??

My galaxy s9+ is around 6 month's old and recently all music, game sounds, speaker phone sound through the bottom speaker is very crackly. I have tried restarting with no luck. 

Cheers Nick. 


Re: Galaxy S9+ Speaker crackling


Try listening through the head phones. Is it still crackly?


Once you've determined where the fault is (likely the speaker) then Optus should get it fixed under cunsumer guarantees (or standard waranty). I assume its from Optus? Is it also on a plan? Lease?


Note Optus are required to repair it but they may suggest you do it via the manufacturer yourself. That's your choice as it can mean a quicker fix that way.



Peter Gillespie

Re: Galaxy S9+ Speaker crackling


I am having the same problem. How did you go? You got it fixed?


Re: Galaxy S9+ Speaker crackling


No I didnt. Ive been slack and putting up with it. I found the process appeared labour intensive and looked like it would draw out. The issue still annoys me every day though.

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