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New Contributor lpurcell
New Contributor

Frustrating experience in activating sim following move from Virgin


I was with Virgin Mobile and I am transferring to Optus. I placed the order online for a sim only deal 12 days ago now and about the same amount of interactions with Optus I am no closer to having service despite them cutting me off from my Virgin service a week ago. As seems to be the case for many people, everyone I speak to tells a different story of the issue and a different timeframe for resolution, and it is beyond frustrating. No sim card has yet been posted to me, so at the suggestion of an online agent I went out of my way to a store to get a sim and try and speed up the process, and surprise surprise, they couldn't connect me there. I called up the next day and was told 24-48 hours... this has now passed and I am still not connected. I am not convinced they even have the details of the sim card I picked up in store as they couldn't access my account and no one would take the details over the phone. Does anyone who has experienced anything similar have any tips for finally getting connected? Or an email address to complain to?

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RetiredModerator Shauna

Re: Frustrating experience in activating sim following move from Virgin

Hey @lpurcell - Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Can appreciate this must be very frustrating at this point. Can you please send me a private message confirming your Mobile number, full name and DOB via private message? Apologies for the experience thus far.

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