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New Contributor velrad
New Contributor

Free SIM card was not delivered (ordered two times)

Hi everyone!


I've ordered free Optus SIM (dummy) delivery to Optus Office (1 Lyonpark Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113), but it was not delivered. First order seems was lost and delivery trakcing system cannot find it. Second order appeared in 3 days after delivery:

10 Aug 201708:29Sydney DFPCHeld at StarTrack Location - Receiver's address not valid


Why it was not delivered to Optus address and how I can receive my SIM now? I've pointed out to deliver SIM at Main entrance of Optus office and call me when courier will arrive. 

What is the best way to receive empty (dummy) SIM card (my old SIM was damaged).


Thank you.

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RetiredModerator Gen_R

Re: Free SIM card was not delivered (ordered two times)

Hey velrad - sorry for the late reply. Just to confirm, did you request a blank SIM to replace the old one, and you requested it be sent to Macquarie park? I'll shoot you a PM.

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