Fraud at Optus Morley Store


I signed up to a new Optus iPhoneX plan. I traded in my old iPhone 7 Plus at the Optus Morley store. I was given a $370 for the old phone (it was in mint condition and the Optus store checked it was working etc). I was given a receipt ('Here is a copy of your trade-in details). The receipt says, per Section 3, that the $370 credit will be applied to the second device bill. I received my second device bill - no $370 Credit!


I think that the Optus store must have kept my old phone and not processed the phone for credit. It has taken 3 months. Optus have taken my phone - robbed me of $370 - and breached the contract per the trade-in receipt.


I have spent hours on online chats and phone calls to resolve this. Each person says something different.


I asked for a legal or Fraud department - the online chat people say there is no such need.


Clearly there is something very dodgy going on here. Where is my old phone now? Where is my credit? Where is the fraud squad?

Re: Fraud at Optus Morley Store

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I get the frustration, but fraud its not. With companies this large if you have to choose between fraud or incompetence then IME its almost always the latter. As you suggest its possible the staff miskeyed something or even just forgot.


Where IMO, Optus do seem to fall down in these cases is after the initial error has occurred it takes months of followup to even find someone who can tell you what is going on. The internal process and systems seem so fragmented that in most cases the staff are probably as much in the dark as to where or how to look as you. The processes are there however and there's a general faith that eventually the funds will wind through and end up in your account. Probably crediting your account manually, also risks the automatic processes then double creditting your account shortly later.


The mods here are pretty good at sorting behind the scenes issues so ig they pop in and you can PM the details then that's probably you best and quickest qay to get some answers (and hopefully your money). Its also probable the funds will appear by the third bill (Optus does seem to have problems crediting accounts the correct bonuses etc. off the bat)


Failing that I would write to the official Optus complaints address. This raises a complaint number (and process) and you should get a response within 10 days. Based on that response you can hopefully be satisfied or then the TIO would be your next stop.




Peter Gillespie


Re: Fraud at Optus Morley Store


Hey @gjcurrie we'll gladly check it out and see what's going on. Apologies for the delay with the credit. Shoot me a PM with your full name, DOB, and account/service number when you get a chance. 

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