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Hi, Flybuys emailed me an offer of your sevice, 30GB for $35,  with 10000 flybuys points, so i signed up for the plan via the link in the email but there was no way for me to provide my flybuys member number. How can I get the flybuys points added on my account 

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It may have been automatic, since the link from the email contains your flybuys number. However you are not going to see any dividends until you are with the service one month.



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I have the same problem - email said points added upto 30 days after activation. Called Flybuys help and they said it was Optus's problem. Optus chat told me to ring perks and after going through many many prompts I finally got through to perks but they said they could not hear me and hung up. Next I tried to lodge a complaint through Optus complaints page. Filled in every box and verified I am not a robot but the submit button does not work - even after multiple attempts from scratch.

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I also have the same problem, Optus can not tell me if my order was processed correctly and Flybuys can not tell me anything either. I will not pay for this new service until this is resolved. Included in my online deal was 40000 flybuy points and a Google home device.

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