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Occasional Contributor

Flybuys offer 12 month SIM plan - Only temporary order number provided

I submitted an order online for a flybuys deal of $40/month for 80GB.

I entered all the required information, including ID information etc. 


I then got taken to a page which says

"Your order has been submitted.

Your temporary order number is TXXXXXX

You have been given a temporary order number as your order has not yet been confirmed, due to further processing required by the Optus sales team. Orders cannot be tracked with a temporary order number."


I never received an email stating that my order has been received. 


Also, I signed up to Optus post paid plan before and the approval was instant. I have a good credit history and I'm not sure why any further processing is required.


Can someone advise if this is normal?

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Flybuys offer 12 month SIM plan - Only temporary order number provided

Advising you this is normal, someone will process your order from the temp one into the full one shortly (within 24 hours). 


This has nothing to do with your credit history and just the manual processing by Optus. 


If you aren’t sure or it’s been more than 24h, call Optus or chat to them and they can follow up on the order.

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