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Flexi lease upgrade

Back in April I upgraded to the S10+ from an S9+


Now when I went into my local optus store I handed back my old handset (S9+) and got my S10+ 


Before the file transfers were done a chick at the store noticed a small crack in the bottom  right of screen. Which I was unaware of as I had my otterbox case on all the time.. 


She then informed me that I would get charged a fee since phone was damaged. And quoted me around $300. Which I was happy with.. 


6 weeks later I receive a message from optus (which I still have on my phone) asking me if I'd like to pay the damage fee of $130 (which included the $99 upgrade fee) or pay the market value of the handset which was $151 (roughly) and included the $99 upgrade fee.. Which I chose that option and my S9+ was to be returned to me.. 


Now that was 4 months ago.. Everyone I talk to on live chat has no idea where my handset is.. I even spoke to the person at my local store and told her the message I got and she said once we send the phones off they are out of thier hands.. 


Now I would like to know.. Who do I contact to get my old handset back? After all I have paid for it.. It is such a scam! 

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Re: Flexi lease upgrade

Given a used s9+ is selling well over $500 it would seem the $150 might be a mistake? Noting the damage fee was thought to be $130 that means Optus essentially valued your phone at $21? No doubt you'd take that deal.


At this stage I would suggest you use the complaints process properly and step though what is needed. First write a letter to Optus Complaints detailing what you just have (include store / agent details). Keep it simple and make it clear you would like yours (or an equivilent refurbished s9+) returned to you. This should generate an official complaint number and process and hopfully you'll get a good responce in under 2 weeks. 


If not (and I suspect Optus will just say they have will waive the upgrade / repair fee) then you can either accept or forward the complaint to the TIO Ombudsman who should sort it out for you.


Customer Relations Group
PO Box 306
SA 5106


Peter Gillespie 

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