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Flex Upgrade question

I am currently 15 months into my 24 month lease contract with the Iphone X. i am wondering if i was to pay the $99 flex upgrade charge, would i be able to upgrade to a new phone on a 'own a phone' contract instead of a 'lease' contract? or do i have to stay on a lease plan? cheers.

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Re: Flex Upgrade question

I had a few definite answers but didn't actually know. But I think Optus saw your query and have provided this FAQ


In short the answer is yes: You can use our trade up option for $99 to a new phone by returning the current phone in good working order and by signing up to any new 24 month (non-leasing) plan.


There should be no penalties other than the requirement to enter into a new 24 month plan.


Peter Gillespie