Flemington Road Bad 4G Coverage


Does optus have bad network coverage at flemington road near the flemington flemington bridge? Cause every time I am travelling in tram, the internet stops working. 

Re: Flemington Road Bad 4G Coverage


Taking a look at our coverage map, there are no reported issues on any of the many towers around there.

Have you completed any troubleshooting? i.e. restarted phone, reset network settings, tried SIM in another phone, etc. 

We suggest checking out our troubleshooting page and if still experiencing a problem, getting in contact with us.

Having VoLTE enabled works for some people having trouble with 4G also. 

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Re: Flemington Road Bad 4G Coverage


It just happens when traveling in the tram, when passing near Flemington bridge. I do not think I need to reset my network settings.

Thanks though. Cheers.

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