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First bill for new customer.

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Hello, if I sign up with Optus Mobile tomorrow (14/8/18) when will my first Bill arrive?


I am currently with Telstra and my contract runs out on 29/8/18 so I am trying to figure out when to make the switch to Optus.


I want to align the sign up with Optus so it is all sorted before my Telstra contract is finished but, at the same time I don't want a massive Optus bill the same time I get my final Telstra bill.


Re: First bill for new customer.


Hi @JS88,


Usually you will get a bill a few days after you sign up (month billed in advance) and a bill the following month on the same date (say you signed up on the 1st, you’ll get a bill a few days to a week later for your month in advance, then your regular bills will be issued on the 1st of the following month)


This has been my experience with Optus plans anyway. Hope it helps! 

Re: First bill for new customer.


Thanks for your reply, getting billed a month ahead will be better than pro-rata charges! 

Re: First bill for new customer.


That’s what it basically is, but a lot more simplified. Basically the bill that will come in next month will be your actual usage from tomorrow (14/8) until next month (13/9) including if you go over your allowance.


The month in advance just makes it a lot easier when it comes to upgrading/re-contracting after the 2 years. 


So you will sign up tomorrow, get your month in advance maybe by Friday hopefully, you pay that, then regular bill will be issued on the 14th of next month, you’ll receive it a couple of days later. 


Good luck! 

Re: First bill for new customer.


Thanks for your input, @XxJessxX


@JS88 if you need further clarification once your bill has been issued, do let us know so we can take a look. 

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