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Hi, I received a letter from OPTUS, informing me that I am soon to be changed for my Fetch Tv service. As far as I was aware this was a FREE service, as part of my OPTUS mobile package! 

I tried to ring, however the wait time was 30mins.

can someone from OPTUS call me back, to discuss?

Thanks Pat.


Re: Fetch Tv


Optus often run promotions where you receive something for free (or discounted) for the life of your contract. Any chance your contract is coming to an end for your mobile? Because if it is, the discount for the associated Fetch box will also end.


Just as an FYI, because your account will need to be accessed to check the details of the letter, you won't get help on here. You'll either need to call or use live chat (my preference) for that as this forum is full of other optus customers.


Live chat is available here -

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