Feature Request: ability to turn on/off data in Optus app for linked SIMs


Hi there, as a parent I have sim accounts in my name with shared data for my kids. I want to be able to turn on or off their data priveleges depending on behaviour or if they are using data excessively. I feel I should be able to have this level of control, especially as other Telco's offer this option. It would be an easy add to the app I would think. There must be thousands of parents out there who would like a bit more control. 


Re: Feature Request: ability to turn on/off data in Optus app for linked SIMs


Hey there, we'll certainly pass this feedback on to our App team.

You're probably already aware, data can be switched off in the handset settings (which would only be handy if the kids aren't clever enough to turn it back on!), otherwise you would need to contact us to have it deactivated from the service(s).

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Re: Feature Request: ability to turn on/off data in Optus app for linked SIMs

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A great idea. 


Unfortunately Optus long ago decided not to provide customers with even basic tools to easily and accurately monitor and control data usage on post paid accounts (pre-paid accounts are very accurate for some reason Smiley Indifferent). For most Telcos the windfall provided by a statistically certain number of customers accidentally going over their limits became baked into their profit and loss sheets. Optus won't even provide a way to automatically shut off data when you reach your monthly limit (Prefering instead to provide up to 200 1Gb top ups for $10 a pop). 


But things are slowly changing. As you say other Telcos are finally introducing sensible options (like speed limiting rather than auto top ups) and with more requests like yours perhaps Optus can improve in this area too.


While you wait, if you have android phones then you can set individual monthly limits and warnings on them usually in the settings (they reset each month). So you could make yours 10Gb and there's 5Gb each for example and require them to stay under that monthly limit. 


Alternatively it costs money to control your accounts at Optus. You could get two prepaid numbers for the kids (great way to avoid excess fees and they can perhaps contribute to the monthly costs?). You can contact Optus anytime and request any account number be suspended or resumed with data (klunky but workable). Unfortunately on your current shared account that would also affect you.


Here's hoping Optus do start providing more than lip service to giving customer's control over their data.


Peter Gillespie

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