Fast Forwarding - when the game has already started and you are watching on catch up




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When a game is live, but you are watching from the start (say 60 mins behind the live game), can you fast forward to catch up to the live stream?


Long version


Let me set the scene.


Egypt v Uruguay about to start live...


Mrs says no, you have the app thingy on your phone, you can watch it anytime. I want to watch something first. Then you can watch it on catch up. Ok fine I say (through gritted teeth), but fair enough. 


She chooses to watch "Bridget Jones Diary 2" (whatever that is...) for an hour or so before going to bed (I only saw it for like 59 minutes, so hardly know the plot, but she - Bridget - does face some tough decisions is this modern society that we live in. Also once she's happy with herself, then happiness will find her). So I turn that rubbish film off and play the Egypt v Uruguay game - by pressing the "start over" button (an option I'm sure Bridget Jones would like to use...).


So I'm like 20 mins into the game and it freezes.... So I end up, after sometime, and some french words, rebooting and starting again. It went back to the beginning, but there was no option to fast forward? 


So 2 questions


1. Is there a button/way you can fast forward while you are watching catch up behind a live stream?


2. Will Bridget Jones ever find true happiness?



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