Extremely bad reception, Sydney Trains.


What the hell is up with the reception on public transport with Optus? I mean i travel at least 2 hours every day on Sydney Trains and as soon as I step onto the train that's it I get 1 bar, nothing will load (most of the time my 4G doesn't even work). I even seen someone who sat next to me on the train and they were having issues and he looked at me and we started chatting and then he told me his with Optus. His friend, however, was loading perfectly but was with Vodafone? 

He had a Samsung I have an IphoneX but have had no issues with reception anywhere else. 


Considering buying out my plan and switching to Vodafone. Can anyone else tell me if Vodafone is good or if they are having the same issues with Optus because it's issue after issue with Optus. I'm honestly surprised Optus hasn't been voted the worst for coverage and customer service considering everyone complains about them. 

Re: Extremely bad reception, Sydney Trains.

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You can find out for yourself how good Vodafone is by buying a prepaid $10


Push Recharge then Prepaid 365


Then put the 1 day 2GB addon  (lasts 2 days)


Find out for yourself how well it works for a couple of days. Vodafone is not generally considered to be good in Australia, but if you need it on the train...


You could put a Voda SIM into a modem, if you can't find a good plan.


Re: Extremely bad reception, Sydney Trains.


I have the same problem. Between Beverley Hills and Wolli Creek 4 drops to 3G. It’s every single trip. Why isn’t there a spot to log coverage issues on the Optus site, the blanket map of great coverage is BS.

Re: Extremely bad reception, Sydney Trains.


I am sorry to hear that you had bad receiption when travelling in public transport. I would like to inform you that the mobile will try to connect to the nearby tower which is avaiable at the location. That is the reasom you will face some dropouts while travelling. I would like to inform this also that the trains are heavy metal body, and the network signal will have difficulty in penitrating in. This is issue is faced by all travellers. our telecommunication team is trying to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Re: Extremely bad reception, Sydney Trains.


Totally agree that train have big metal body, but why it works for other service provider. Also why it work between kings cross to bondi?? 

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I actually feel this issue is getting worse. I travel from Mascot to Windsor. It used to be the case that from central to Strathfield the service was patchy videos are slow to load etc etc. The last few weeks I’ve been finishing from Central to Parramatta the service is almost non existent. Most days I give up even trying to load a simple news site let alone stream on Netflix. It’s extremly frustrating to look around and see other users “surfing away” and I can’t even get Google to load. So Optus I don’t believe your “trains are a metal tube” nonsense when other networks have great if not perfect coverage. 

Re: Extremely bad reception, Sydney Trains.


Any updates ok this BS????


im paying $166.00 per month for 100gig data which I can’t fkin use! What’s going on? I call to change plans I get told to pay off my contract and go on another contract???   


And wow “metal train” as an excuse. What an absolute joke. 

Re: Extremely bad reception, Sydney Trains.


I got the same issue.

Re: Extremely bad reception, Sydney Trains.


I have been experiencing this issue for nearly 12 months. I thought it was my handset, Note 8 and before that Note edge by samsung. Every trip I need to reset my phone at least 3 times to connect to 4g or gamble with setting the connection to 3g only. Both terrible work arounds to something that needs urgent attention. Optus will get my remaining plan costs then I'm switching to Telstra. Worth the extra $ to get 4g everywhere, all the time in the Sydney Metro area. You would think this is a given minimum the days.  Obviously not for optus. 

Re: Extremely bad reception, Sydney Trains.


Yep, it’s still happening a year on from the original post. I am on an apple iPhone X paying $160 a month for 50GB and barely able to use it from Stanmore to the city. It’s extremely frustrating as I like to stream Netflix and am paying for that also. Sometime it even drops to SOS?!?! What the fffff?!?

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