Excessive roaming charges


I recently went on an overseas work trip to China. I had added a travel pack to cover the days I was over there and had turned of most of my apps mobile data so that I wouldn’t go over my daily limits. 


I was even checking usage usage daily to make sure everything was ok. No issues so far and I had plenty of data left. 


I woke up up one morning and had received a series of texts informing me I had gone over my limit. The issue is I only received one text informing me that I was at 50% at 2:15am that same day whilst asleep. No text warning for 85% or 100%. 


At at first I couldn’t understand why I had gone over because I hadn’t been using any apps apart from messenger, whatsapp and google translate. 


Turns  s out the data was getting used by a VPN app even whilst not using any apps. 


So far each phone phone call with Optus they have said I need to wait for my bill. 


I will I’ll be disputing these charges because Optus said I would be informed at 50%, 85% and 100% which was not the case. 


Anyone else dealt with a similar issue?

Re: Excessive roaming charges


Yes I have read this complaint many times and when asked most forum regulars have advised people to be very careful with mobile data when roaming. The quote below is written on the international roaming page.


"Usage Alerts: Are not generated in real-time and delays of up to 48 hours may be experienced. You should not rely solely on the alert service to monitor your usage."

Re: Excessive roaming charges


Pity the msg you get to confirm the travel pack has been purchased has no mention of this and just says


“OPTUSMSG: Hi, your 6 Day Travel Pack is valid from 14-10-2018 to 19-10-2018 in Zone 1 countries. Once expired, you will be charged standard roaming rates. We'll SMS you at 50/85/100% of your total pack data usage. For full terms and conditions, please refer to or”


Based on that one would expect that they would get an sms from Optus at those percentages of usage. If Optus cannot do so then they should be explicit about that here. 

Re: Excessive roaming charges


That full terms and conditions link you posted does mention a delay in the usage alerts however I agree with you that it's not explicit enough. Speak with Optus billing and challenge them on it. Failing that make a formal complaint.

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