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Occasional Contributor Dazthespaz
Occasional Contributor

Excess data usage

Id like to hear from optus why i have just been charged $10 for 1mb when i turned mobile data off 2 hours ago when the optus app was showing i had used 4.98gb out of 5gb. My bloody account resets tomorrow. Im getting sick of this. Next pay day im out.

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Excess data usage

Data usage is updated within 48 hours not real time.


If you want to ensure no excess data then get a prepaid account which magically Optus can track to the kB  to ensure you don't use more than your limit.


Alternatively if you have an Android phone set it to track your monthly usage and warn and shut of data at prescribed levels.


As a tip, don't set the cut of at 99.6% (that's sort of asking to get burned)


Peter Gillespie