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New Contributor maddieporter__
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Exceeded data usage but did not receive any warning text messages

Hi there I have just received an optus bill for $862.92 (!!!) for exceeding my data usage. I did not receive any text messages to say that I had gone over my data allowance, the only message I received was one saying that I had $2.61 to pay on my next bill, so I was sitting here thinking that I'm ahead with payments to then notice that they had direct debited $862.92 from my account!! I spent last night on the online chat speaking with Cela, Cherry, Leonard and then Jordan (Jordan was meant to be the manager and was the most condescending person/robot I have spoken to) - none of them were willing to help me or had the authority to. They did say that I was somehow receiving someone elses text messages and not my own. I refuse to pay this amount as I was instructed when signing the contract for my plan that I would receive notification text messages once going over my data allowance, this has clearly been breached. I will not pay for their negligence. I thought Optus to be a superior service but I am being proved wrong over and over by their poor customer service.
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Re: Exceeded data usage but did not receive any warning text messages

$900 is equivelent to about 80Gb of mobile data. Its not an amount that's easy to inadvertantly download. Do you consume a lot of TV on the phone? 


Unfortunately Optus have a policy of unlimited topups for data ($10 per 1Gb) which means soem people are going to get really stung. The SMS notification requirement is also a bit wishy washy (it can be several days before they have to notify you)


Do you have an Android or Windows phone? If so you should set the phone to warn and cut off data at set amounts each month so that you're not relying on Optus to warn and limit you. (Something from here on out)


That said. It sounds like somethings gone awry. You should be able to see what apps have consumed you data on your phone. Check the settings. Optus should also be able to tell you broad categories.


The "other person SMS" seems germaine. Wires are possibly being crossed. If Optus can't help then make a compaint to the TIO ombudsman and see what they can find out on your behalf.




Peter Gillespie

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Exceeded data usage but did not receive any warning text messages

Hey Maddie, I can look into this for you, so sorry for the run around you've already had to do for assistance. Please send me a private message with your number, name and DOB to discuss.

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