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New Contributor

Esim enablement in Optus store denied because I'm not the Account Holder

I went into the local Optus store.... asked if my phone (a new S20+ I just got) could be swapped from a normal SIM to an ESIM.

Sure they said.... then oh no, the account holder is your wife, she has to be here.  To swap a sim?  No account change?  no cost?  And she has to be there?

I tried to explain that she is a nurse, currently running a COVID clinic, working 8-8 every day, could they call her for authorisation as she CAN NOT get into a store?

No they said, that would cost them their job if they did that... she MUST attend in person.  Cannot give authorisation over the phone.... for something that does not even change the account in any way and does not cost anything to do.

Wow... just to swap a physical SIM to an ESIM.


Optus.... is it really that hard?

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Respected Contributor

Re: Esim enablement

Due to service theft and illegal porting (they can access your online banking as most banks sms a token code for several activities) measures had to be put in place to combat this.

Optus accounts are under a single name so only that person is authorised.
Secondary access can be granted but its very limited and sim swaps is not part of this

So unfortunately only the account holder can make this change.