Anyone know about the escalation process to complain about optus ?

Optus is by far the worst service provider I have ever come across.

Not going into their coverage, which is degrading rapidly, I had to do a couple of SIM changes and everytime it took 2/3 days to get the new SIM activated and that too after lots of hustling in store and online chat. No one seems to know when request was raised and what status is current.

Right now, I am trying to get an IMEI for a lost phone to be blocked and its the 3rd day since I have been chasing Optus unsuccessfully to get that done. And the most frustating part, none of the online reps seems to know where the request is at, and want to raise a new request everytime with a 24/48 hours action window.

I am definitely leaving optus after this IMEI block thing is done and will never recomment Optus to anyone.

But for now, can anyone advise of an escalation process, if there is one with Optus ?




Re: Escalation

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Hi Lenny,


I would recommend you raising a complaint with TIO(Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman):

It takes about 5 minutes to do it and will then take about 10 days for optus to react. It seems long and does not guarantee that the issue will be resolved but I see no better way of escalating issues with optus.


Without TIO involvement optus proved to be useless, unhelpful and even rude in a number of cases.  I had to raise a complaint with TIO a few days ago regarding my request because optus did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue they had caused themselves (they terminated my number without my permission or request 11 days ago and are not reactivating it back, I am left without phone number and they do not care).


Regards, Olga


Re: Escalation


Hi Olga,


Thanks for the tip, appreciate it.

And it is terrible with what Optus has done with your number. That is just not legal and I hope the ombudsman do not let them get away lightly. I have not across a service provider as bad as optus; they do not even have an escalation channel. I hope your case resolved soon.




Re: Escalation


Thanks Lenny,


Good luck to you as well!


Regards, Olga

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