Epic data plan - $80


I bought a plan on 17th May 2019 for $80 at Melbourne airport arrival store. The offer mentions $40 SIM + $40 recharge + $40 bonus recharge. (2nd and 3rd recharge added on day 28 and 56. 


Today is day 30 and its still shows my account as expired, I haven't received my recharge. The sales rep had already activated the SIM and mentioned that I wasn't required to activate or setup anything else. The recharges will be automatically added. 


Please assist. 

Re: Epic data plan - $80


So have you done the initial recharge? You wouldn't be showing expired if you have done your re-charges per the Epic offering. Because your $40 sim included the first recharge, any subsequent re-charges "weren't given to you for free" but gave you epic bonuses when you did recharge.


So have you recharged since your SIM was activated in store?

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Re: Epic data plan - $80


No, I haven't done any recharge as the sales rep mentioned I need not do any. 


So, should I buy a recharge with a plan of 28 days expiry? Then, how will the bonus recharge work?

Re: Epic data plan - $80


It's a bit tricky to know here because it looks like the Epic Data Plans offers have since changed as they regularly do.

If it's within the criteria (sometimes within 90 days of activation), once you recharge the bonus recharge will apply accordingly.

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Re: Epic data plan - $80


So, as it seems they've activated the plan today. I got the message that they've awarded the bonus and my next recharge will happen after 28 days from today. 


It's weird as it seems no one from support was aware of this offer and they advised to visit the shop again where I'd bought the SIM. 


Thanks everyone for the assistance. 

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