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Endless Data - oh, except on home broadband... Did anyone else get burnt?

On learning of the introduction of the “Endless Data” I immediately went into the app and applied the setting to all my accounts - the bundled mobile accounts as well as the 4g home broadband. 

At the time, the app informed me the setting had been applied, and there was no visible suggestion that there were any exclusions, so I blithely went about my day, no longer worrying about keeping a close eye on data. Come bill time though, there’s $50 of excess data on the home broadband account. I re-read everything I can find, and there’s no explanation anywhere. 

I get on the chat, and after being passed around a bit, someone informs me that the endless data option on the home broadband only kicks in after excess data has been charged 5 times. But, it’s a “great deal” because you get 40gb for your $10, instead of just 10gb. Wait, what!? 

Is it just me, or did they flat-out NOT communicate this particular (and bizarre) exemption to customers?

I’ve made comments several times to the help staff, including mentioning it as a factor in my subsequent cancellation of this service - but they’ve invariably refrained from asking for more details or discussing it. Looking at the website; it NOW states clearly near the top that automatic data top-ups happen up to 5 times after which speed is slowed. It definitely did not say that before. 

Aside from the sneakiness of it, it seems utterly non-sensical. I’m no tech, but I cannot fathom a technical reason why they can only implement slowed speeds after slugging the customer an extra $50 on a broadband sim, and yet it’s possible on any other sim. There’s no way to opt-out, although this customer was clearly lead to believe they’d opted for the slowed speeds and NOT excess data charges - that was the whole point of the exercise. 

I’ve just paid the cancellation charges for the modem, since when I signed my original contract, the endless data option didn’t exist, so I doubt I’d have a case before the ombudsman. But they advertised the endless data like it was available to all eligible plans, and my plan was evidently eligible since it allowed me to opt in. I’m curious if anyone else got slugged in the same way?

Frankly, I don’t expect great things from Australian Telcos (I’m not an idiot,) but I can’t imagine I’m the only sucker they got with this one, unless I was drastically mistaken in my reading at the time, it looks like flagrant false advertising, and I don’t think they ought to get away with it.

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Re: Endless Data - oh, except on home broadband... Did anyone else get burnt?

Hey @Lauramayb, thanks for reaching out here and letting us know what's happened. 

With our Home Wireless Broadband plans our excess data charges have always worked like that. You will automatically receive an extra 40GB for $10, up to five times within a monthly billing period (i.e. a total of 200GB for $50). If you use more than 200GB of top-up data, we will slow your speed to 1.5Mbps until the next billing period.

That offer for Endless data we rolled out is for eligible Optus Mobile Broadband and Mobile Plans, With Endless Data, you can continue to use data slowed to a maximum speed of up to 1.5Mbps with no surprise charges at the end of the billing month. That doesn't apply to our Home Wireless Broadband plans unfortunately. 

We're more than happy to take a look into the account for you if you'd like us to. Please note we are unable to look into account details via YesCrowd. If you can send through a private message to the official Optus Facebook or Twitter. Our team can take a look into the plan details for you. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community.

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Re: Endless Data - oh, except on home broadband... Did anyone else get burnt?

@LauramaybI would make a formal complaint for the Optus web site and reference the initial post in the following post and as such you should not have been charged:


If this fails make a complaint to the TIO.


B.T.W. IMHO if after reading  the thread you are still confused then you are not alone as the posts from Optus IMHO are not easy to read or understand.


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