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End of leasing contract

What is in involved if the phone has a cracked glass back? I would like a new phone
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Re: End of leasing contract

All leasing plans are essentially ending. If you want a new phone then you just sign up to any one of Optus current plans (you'll likely find them more expensive than what you're paying now). The good news is that the phone is actually yours and the costs fixed.

So that just leaves returning your current phone to Optus (as they own it). You have a few options:

1) Do nothing and keep it. Optus will automatically bill you for what they consider fair value for the phone. There's no debate or inspection needed. The phone becomes yours.
2) You can contact Optus today and ask what is the buy it figure for the phone. This is a set amount and they don't need to inspect the phone or anything.

If you choose an option above you can then sell the phone on eBay (cracked or get it repaired) for probably a similar amount to what Optus charge you.

3) You can send the phone back (request a free return satchel or drop it into an Optus store) in to be evaluated. Optus will then quote you a price for them to repair the crack. Sounds like it might be something like $150.

If you take option 3 and get the quote you can then decide how to proceed - options 1 and 2 are still available or you can pay the amount asked.

Either way its done. If you have no interest in buying out the phone then I would suggest you just contact Optus on Facebook etc. and organise the new plan and phone now. You might be able to barter a $10 monthly discount if you let them talk you into getting a new Optus plan rather than asking for it upfront. Get your new phone and set it up then drop the old one off at a store. The repair bill will be automatically added to your bill later on.

Re: End of leasing contract

Hey @Shannonchetcuti, please take a look at @petergdpownload comment as they've summarised the end of leasing contract process really well there. For more info on this process, please check out our My Plan Flex guide.

If you do have any other questions, I recommend sending us a message via the My Optus App so we can help out from there. 

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